Business Consultancy

We have developed a wide-ranging client base with experience working with micro-enterprises and start-up’s, large multi-nationals, industry bodies, academics and community organisations. We are helping our clients to deliver new products, enter new markets and add value to their existing business, with the potential to generate substantial increases in sales and profit.

Business Strategy

Empowering our clients to add value to their existing businesses, by delivering new products, entering new markets, reducing costs and improving processes.

Collaboration & Engagement

Engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to understand their priorities, secure support and develop projects and products to meet their needs and aspirations.

Innovation, Research and Development

Supporting clients at the beginning of their innovation journey, with feasibility studies, new product development, research and development. Commercialisation of new products, including cost modelling/ financial forecasting, strategy, marketing and business development.

Grant Funding

Securing funding for a wide range of businesses and projects ranging from R&D/Innovation to Community Facilities. From identifying suitable funders and building the evidence case through to drafting and submitting successful applications.

Supply Chain, Procurement and Audit

Supporting supply chain development, new procurement strategies and auditing suppliers for compliance.

Sales & Marketing

Growing your brand by connecting and engaging with your target audience. Growing your sales by using our deep market insight and understanding to employ strategies to secure new customers.

Bid Management

Supporting our clients from initial tender review through planning and bid writing to the completion of a winning submission.